Curvy Ladies: Where you hidin’ at?

My love affair with travel is a very recent one. And in actuality, it’s not even been that extensive. I mean, I haven’t even been out of India, or taken that long-promised one-month off to explore the northeast. But I was hit by an epiphany a while back, and the more and more I set out, the more it seems to come to life. And if you ask me, it saddens me quite a bit. So here I am, giving my two bits of gyan on the matter – curvy girls, why don’t you travel?

Where are you?

Not making a general statement here, but from my observations, I have come across very, very few curvy women while travelling. And it really makes me wonder why! Sure, I get my fair share of looks and grunts, and an occasional giggle or a remark on my fullness. And it sure is hurtful. One moment you are out exploring, having time of your life and bam – some random arsehole decides to pour shit out of his/her mouth, and there goes your spirit in the dumps.

Why you do dis?

And then you run, you hide, you try to forget and get back home with a sour taste in your mouth. And before you know it, you start delaying your next trip and/or ruling out destinations that might lead to uncomfortable situations (beach? With this body? /I can’t possibly climb that mountain/I won’t look good in pictures/blah blah blah). And somewhere down the line, you forget the basic fact of life – it’s always now or never.


I have come across so many women, who itch to step out. They devour the vivid experiences that I ever so happily share, and with a far-way look in their eyes they often say – wish I could do it too. But then they don’t. ‘Oh, you know, maybe next year’, ‘ I’ll never get those many days off work’ , ‘You are lucky’, ‘I wish I had your spirit/I am too scared’.

In my opinion, each and every person is born with a seed of curiosity. A seed that, more often than not, sprouts generously into restlessness. But dear lass, what is the point of having that beautiful, restless soul if you just don’t set it free? If you don’t let it explore? If you don’t get out of your comfort zone? Turn that discomfort to drive. The drive that pushes you to shove a middle finger in the faces of all those who put you down. Get that body on the beach and feel the sun embrace every little inch, every subtle fold. Huff and puff your way up on that monster of a mountain, and feel your lungs explode within your body – let your sweat wash down your insecurities. Let pictures tell you that you are much more that what meets the eye. And most of all, silence those ignorant fools with your actions. Teach them better. Teach them hard. (And have a great time, while at it.)

‘cuz, dear ladies, if you don’t stand up for yourself – no one else will.

Hold that head high.


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  1. Haha! Put a smile on my face! Live life to the fullest! Stay blessed! Much love!

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  2. Love it Shruti! And more than anything else,I love your spirit! Love life and make the best of it!

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  3. On point! There is also something to be said about how there is always the pressure to look a certain way while traveling, either from the outside (photo) perspective or covering yourself up right to not the *looks*

    I ❤️ You, Shruti !

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    • Absolutely. The more I think, the more I feel that travel is sadly becoming more of a show-off than actual enjoyment/discovery/exploration. Its saddening to say the least. And for those whose confidence about their appearance is shaky, it can be even more nerve-werkking. Ugh.

      Love you too, Sonia! Thanks for fuling that faint spark of travel in me 🙂


  4. For those who travel and the ones who don’t. It’s never too late!! Travelling with you has been awesome. Thanks Shruti Gandha 🙂

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  5. As Alessia cara says ” scars to your beautiful ” you are beautiful just the way you are / and you don’t have to change a thing , the world can change its heart / no scars to your beautiful and we’re beautiful 👑 Love your ardent spirit Shruti

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