Destination: Rann Of Kutch

Origin: Mumbai

Closest City: Bhuj

Alternate: Ahmedabad

  • If you are taking the trains, its best to book for Bhuj (an overnight journey)
  • Once at Bhuj, you can hire an auto-rickshaw or cab to take you to Rann. Its about two hours from the Bhuj station
  • Alternatively, you can travel to Ahmedabad (a lot more options to get here) by trains or busses – the journey is about 7 hours long
  • If your pocket/luck is great, you can fly there too
  • From Ahmedabad, Bhuj is another 7 or so hours away and 2 hours further is Rann


Stay: Since this trip was only for the music festival, we stayed at the venue itself.



Getting around: Rann is a desert and if you want to go around, the local auto guys will happily pass on their numbers to you. Though, I noticed that many groups chose to just hire a cab fulltime from bhuj for their entire trip.

Food: Again, since we were only at the festival, we didn’t really explore the local culinary. However, we had a couple of hours to spare in bhuj, on our way back to Mumbai, and we asked a couple of locals who recommended Toral at Hotel Prince. They have a gorgeous traditional Gujarati thaali. It was absolutely delicious and soul satisfying. Very recommended.

Burp unlimited.

Show me the money

  • Travel
    • Tatkal tickets: 1490 per head/per journey
    • Auto ride to bhuj: 250 per head
  • Stay – 3000 per tent for two, for three nights
  • Bus from the venue to Bhuj: 350 per head
  • Food
    • At the festival: around 4-4.5k for two people, for two days (yes, we love to eat)
    • Toral (Thali): 250 per thali
  • Misc: 500

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